Ancient Tongan History

Ancient Tongan History

Ancient Tongan History is always something that is mysterious to scientists around the world. I have dedicated the last 30 years to reveal the truth about Ancient Tongan History and the overall History of Polynesia.

This is why I created this website, to shed light on Ancient Tongan History and Ancient Polynesian History as a whole. I have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge through my research, it is time to share this knowledge so that everyone can benefit and appreciate what our Ancestors have accomplished.

We as Tongans/Polynesians have an amazing heritage. I have drawn closer to my heritage and feel that I have done this work under the commission of my King, my Family, and all my Ancestors.

I hope you benefit and enjoy all the Articles that we will publish through this website. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about Ancient Tongan History and/or Ancient Polynesian History.

Ancient Tongan History

3 thoughts on “Ancient Tongan History

  1. Joe

    Do you have an article on the types of houses that the people of tonga built back in the old days and how they were built

    1. tualaufale

      Right now we do not have articles specifically addressing how fales were built……

  2. Heti Veikune

    Malo e lelei Tevita,

    Do you have any material on the ancient art of mat weaving (lalanga) in Polynesia and specifically Tonga? Malo ‘aupito

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