Polynesian Astronomy
A recent picture with a piece of art I created of the Hook of Maui Constellation for a newspaper article. (The art is created on a traditional Polynesian Tapa-Cloth)

I am Tevita H. Fale a traditional polynesian astronomer. I have spent a lifetime researching and restoring Ancient Polynesian Astronomical Knowledge and history.

It is my lifelong mission and privilege to compile the knowledge of our Polynesian forefathers. My work has been privately funded by myself and generous donors. Donors who have the same vision and dream, as I to restore this knowledge from the past to be enjoyed by all around the world.

This site is part of an effort to share the knowledge of Polynesian Astronomy and open channels of communication. Communications of the past to the present for a brighter future, and communication between myself and those who wish to learn more of my lifetime of research.

It is my personal belief that Ancient Polynesia housed a vibrant civilization and culture. A civilization and culture that comprised of well developed forms of government, religion, science, economics, and complex social structure.

It is my mission to share this ancient history to all the world. A true knowledge of Ancient Polynesian history and Ancient Polynesian Astronomy will enrich the lives of everyone around the world and expand mental and emotional horizons.

The history and knowledge behind the design and astronomical significance of the Kava Bowl is one of the many pieces of Polynesia's history that was lost.
The history and knowledge behind the design and astronomical significance of the Kava Bowl is one of the many pieces of Polynesia’s history that was lost.

I hope you enjoy the knowledge shared here. This knowledge is the history of Polynesia through the eyes of a Polynesian. A history not of a foreign people or civilization but a history of my own culture, a history of the blood that runs rich and deep within my veins.

 Please contact me on topics you would like me to write an article on, and speaking engagement requests. I am always searching for ways to share this information and look forward to doing so with all via this website.


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  1. Jacob Kisepi Katoa

    First off Thank you for your work and making this website, it has really answered a lot of questions that I had and it was unavailable to get answers to. Also I was wondering if u have heard of “MU” the legendary continent in the south Pacific, according to James Churchill. If u had I would love your ideas on this theory. Also if u had heard of the author Graham Hancock he wrote a book called “Finger Print’s of The Gods” and I think the Both of u have similar ideas and would also like your opinion on this as well.I would appreciate if u can share your knowledge with me. Again Thank you for your work and I hope to hear from u soon.

  2. Joseph Mataele

    The ancient names, Kohai(Who am I?), Koau(I am that I am), Momo(God particle aka something infinitely small.
    Knowing who we are is the secret to unlocking the mystery of our origin.

  3. Tevita Tahau Ofahulu

    This is amazing. Toko, malo ngaue. Koe fatongia mahuinga aupito eni ki he toutupu oku tuput hake i muli. We had no history class…and this is gold. Im glad i found it

    1. tualaufale

      Your welcome please share the website with your family and friends! We also have a facebook page as well!

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