Polynesia Americas Connection

Polynesia Americas Connection

Polynesia Americas Connection. As a Tongan, I have been digging for my roots, the origins of my people all my life. I began this journey with no preconceptions or ideologies. I followed the evidence and clues left behind by my ancestors and let them tell me the origins of my people. This lifelong journey of discovery has led me to the knowledge that my roots have a direct connection to the Americas. My ancestors left behind artifacts, ruins, oral history, and knowledge that clearly point to an origin from the East (the Americas) and a journey West to beautiful islands that we now call Polynesia.

These voyagers followed the sun to Polynesia and this naturally led to everything in the Polynesian civilization to be based on the sun just as the ancient American civilizations.

The “Double V” as shown above this drawing is a pattern that shows the pattern of the sun as moves across the skies. This same “Double V” is found throughout the ruins of Ancient American Civilizations. This same knowledge of the movement of the sun plays a critical role in the design of the Ha’amonga (Double V was carved on the top of the Ha’amonga), mounds, canoes, Kava Ceremony etc. This is one of the many pieces of evidence that point back to an origin from the Americas.

Once again everything I found in my research pointed to America. This is why I am not surprised when modern scientists are discovering genetic links between Native Americans and the Pacific Islanders. This is the knowledge that I obtained by following my roots and the history of my ancestors.

One of my world maps expressing the unique Polynesian approach to understanding a global view of dimension and direction. This concept of dimension and direction made Polynesians the greatest navigators in human history with a capacity to navigate globally i.e. in the northern and southern hemisphere. This was a monumental feat as the greatest civilizations for thousands of years could barely navigate within a single hemisphere.

The greatest testament to the achievements of our ancient Polynesian ancestors is the longevity of this civilization. A kingdom that began in 1,000 BC and is still in existence today in 2018 AD. These scientific, religious, political, and socially sophisticated voyagers built more than 10,000 mounds in Tongatapu Islands and who knows how many thousands more throughout Polynesia.

One of my initial sketches showing how the knowledge of the movement of the sun is directly connected to the design of the Kava Bowl.

Polynesian astronomical knowledge based on unique approach to measuring dimensions and deriving directions was actively utilized before the arrival of European came South was up and North was down. Our canoes and Kava bowl were designed to replicate this unique understanding of dimensions and directions to decipher East, West, North, and South. Our kava ceremony has been Polynesia’s official ritual performed to initiate and conclude all affairs. The kava ceremony sealed and memorialized anything and anyone appointed for religious, social, political and scientific purposes, including but not limited to weddings and funerals.

An image from csmonitor.com on an article where genetic connections between Americas and Polynesia are found.

Polynesia Americas Connection

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