Tonga – World’s Oldest Active Civilization

Tonga – World’s Oldest Active Civilization

Tonga – World’s Oldest Active Civilization .The founders of the Tongan Civilization (Tangaloa & Maui) first arrived in Tonga from Vaihi (The Ancient Polynesian name for the Americas) approximately around 1000 BC. The people from Vaihi brought to the Pacific a civilization that was unlike any other civilization at that time in the Pacific. The founders named every uninhabited island in the Pacific, beginning with Tonga. In Tonga they continued the practice they brought from the Americas, i.e. a system of Kings that included Kings, Nobles, and Commoners.

Tonga - World's Oldest Active Civilization - Vaihi
The Ancient Polynesian name for the Americas is Vaihi. This name is found throughout the Pacific including Hawai’i and Savai’i

The first King of the Tongan Empire was Momo from the Tangaloa Clan when the people from Vaihi arrived in Tonga. This unique civilization created mounds as a important physical expression of their customs and society. These mounds were tied to every aspect of the civilization’s religion, political structure, social interactions, and scientific knowledge. Everything that these ancient founders of the Tongan Empire correlated with the movement of the sun throughout the years & seasons.

These early navigators, astronomers, and civilization builders eventually, over time established the Tu’i Tonga Empire (Tongan Empire) that is recognized throughout the South Pacific. In 1020 AD the 23rd Tu’i Tonga Momo I (also known as Talafata) permitted and facilitated the furthest regions/islands throughout the Tu’i Tonga Empire could execute their tribute, known as the Polopolo & ‘Inasi, to the Tu’i Tonga from within their distant islands to address the logistical challenge of his subjects to make the voyage twice every year.

Tonga - World's Oldest Active Civilization - 'Inasi
Europeans arrived into the Pacific, as the Tu’i Tonga Empire began to decline in the 1700s, were still able to witness the important tribute given by islands within the Empire to the Tu’i Tonga.

The Polopolo and ‘Inasi were important religious rituals of the Tu’i Tonga Empire. The Polopolo tribute was offered at the beginning of the warm season and the ‘Inasi tribute was offered at the beginning of the cool season.

Tonga - World's Oldest Active Civilization - Tu'i Tonga Empire
The Tu’i Tonga Empire covered all of Polynesia, all of Micronesia, and a majority of Melanesia.

The wide spread Tu’i Tonga Empire began to fragment in the early 1700s at the same time foreigners began colonizing islands throughout the Pacific with the sole exception of Tonga.

The Tangaloa clan governed Tonga until the formation of the Tu’i Tonga by the Tangaloa as the new ruling authority of the Empire.

Tonga - World's Oldest Active Civilization - Tu'i Tonga Settlements
Settlements of Tangaloa Kingly Clan, Maui Clan, Preistly Clan, as well as 6 of the Tu’i Tonga Settlements in Tonga with the various mounds built by the Tu’i Tonga.

Founders of the Tongan  Empire & Civilization, Maui and  Tangaloa 1000 B.C. to 450 A.D.

Tu’i Tonga Lineage from    450 A.D to 2019 A.D.

1 . ‘Aho’eitu                 28. Talakaifaiki II

2.   Lolofakangalo        29. Tapu’osi II

3.   Fanga’one’one         30. Fatafehi I                                                                                                    

4.   Lihau                        31. Havea I

5.   Kofutu                      32.Tatafu’eikimeimu’a

6.   Ma’uhau                   33.Talakaifaiki III /Lomi’aetupu’a  II

7.   Kaloa                        34. Talafapite

8.  Kaliu                         35. Ma’akatoa

9.  Lingolingoa               36. Kau’ulufonua II

10. Kilukilua                    37. Tapu’osi III/Havea II

11.  ‘Apuanea                     38.Takalaua

12.  ’Afulunga                   39.Kau’ulufonua III/Fekai               

13. Momo I                     40.Ha’avakafuhu 111

14.  Lomi’aetupu’a            41.Puipuikifatu II/Momo III

15. Ha’avakafuhu  I 42.Kau’ulufonua  IV

16.  ‘Ilepo                          43.Tapu’osi IV

17.  Puipuikifatu               44.Tele’a I/’Uluakimata I

18.  Puipui                        45.Fatafehi II

19.   Kau’ulufonua  I 46.Kau’ulufonua V

2o.   Tapu’osi  I         47.Tele’a 11/’Uluakimata II

21.  Talakaifaiki  I 48.Tu’ipulotu’ilangitu’ofefafa

22.  Ha’avakafuhu  II 49.Fakana’ana’a

23.  Momo II/ Talafata     5o.Tu’ipulotu’ilangitu’oteau

24.  Tafeta/ Tu’i  Tatui 51.Paulahau/Pau

25.   Talatama                       52.Ma’ulupekotofa

26.   Niutamatou                  53.Fatafehifuanunuiava

27.   Talaiha’apepe              54.Laufilitonga.

Morden  Kings of  Tonga Who are Descendant of the Tu’i Tonga

55.Tupou I   56.Tupou II

57.Tupou III                            58.Tupou IV

59. Tupou V 60. Tupou VI – Current King of Tonga

Tonga – World’s Oldest Active Civilization

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      The Book of Mormon and old white men who are Prophets of god.

  2. Very interesting Fale, keep up the good work. Hope you have the time for another seminar at Lo’au University in Tonga. Myself and Siua would love to share more of your work with our students. Ofa atu Inoke.

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    Hi I am interested in getting to know where I am from. When you say americas does that mean something like “Peru” I’ve been and I’ve seen some of their ancient culture and it feels similar to ours in Tonga.
    Also I want to know about tu’inukuafe, are they royalty or not?

    1. Tutia

      The information on this website isn’t accurate. We originated from Austronesians who came from Taiwan during the great Austronesian expansion around 3000 BC to 1000 BC. There is more Cultural, DNA and Language evidence that shows that we are related to those people than the people from the Mesoamerican cultures.

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