Vaihi, Tonga, Lo’au

Vaihi, Tonga, Lo’au

Tangaloa and Maui

Vaihi, Tonga, Lo’au.

There has been such a huge fuss of DNA evidence as to the only source of finding the origin of Polynesians. DNA is one data point for finding genetic origin. However, when you speak of a civilization especially one that was internationally mobile over thousands of years you will have a very diverse genetic pool. Much like the origin and greatness of America today as a civilization being tunnel-visioned in the genetic make-up of Americans as the origin of the civilization will only leave you confused. Rather focusing on the core principles of civilization i.e. religious, scientific, social, economic, governmental structures, etc. will tell you more of the origin of the civilization than being fixated with genetics.

There are some genetic connections between the Pacific and the Americas. However, to focus only on the genetic connection is unwise in determining the origin of civilization. Just as an agentic data point for the United States of America will not tell you the origin of the American Civilization. However, focusing on scientific, religious, political, social, and economic aspects of the USA will tell you so much more about the origin of the USA than genetics. An image from

This is also true in regards to understanding the origin of Polynesia which is directly related to the origin of Tonga. My research and previous articles have focused on the various religious, scientific, social, economic, etc connections Tonga shares with Vaihi (Americas) where the forefathers of the Tongan Empire introduced religious, scientific, social, economic, and governmental principles. Principles that allowed the Tongan Empire to flourish throughout the Pacific.

There is a lot of discussion on the Lo’au Tonga and throughout the Pacific. The recent popularity of Lo’au led to many sharing information regarding the Lo’au that is not only inaccurate but misses the connection of the Lo’au to Vaihi (Americas) where the Lo’au originate.

In 1916 my grandparents Tevita Fale & Malia ‘Anau Kihesina were married. In 1920 my grandfather started a company that consisted of 10 people to collectively plant and cultivate crops. He named the company Lo (after the Lo’au) as the company was to follow the way of the Ant which inevitably leads to success. Therefore, they would work smart, work hard, work together, and always remember where they came from. The Lo Company was very successful and the majority of the Lo Company members built timber homes when timber homes were very rare in Tonga. My grandfather died three years before my birth and I was named after him.

A picture of an Ant Hill. Lo’au homes were called Ha’amea (Red Ant Hill) and Ha’atea (White Ant Hill). The terms of Ha’amea and Ha’atea are found throughout Tonga.

When I learned about my grandfather and his interest in Lo’au I naturally became very interested in Lo’au. As I explored and discovered the origins of the Tongan Empire I discovered that the way of the Ant (Lo’au) was closely related to the organization of the Tongan Empire and like other data points I found pointed back to Vaihi as the origin of the Tongan Empire.

I discovered that that the forefathers of the Tongan Empire were also Lo’au or Ant People. Each Lo’au was responsible for a specific foundational aspect of the Tongan Empire:

  1. Lo’au Fusi Fonua – The Maui Clan
  2. Lo’au Tufunga Fonua – The Tangaloa Clan
  3. Lo’au Pukepuke Fonua – The Fale Fa
  4. Lo’au Tukuto’o – The Taulas
  5. Lo’au Tuputoka – Kau Fa’a / Toutai / Falehanga

Additionally, I discovered that the homes of the Lo’au in Tonga were called Ha’amea. Ha’amea meaning “Red Ant Hill” or Ha’atea meaning “White Ant Hill”.

A picture of one of the illustrations from one of my books named Polynesian Astronomy depicting Tangaloa the Lo’au Tufunga Fonua.

More importantly, I discovered that there is only one other civilization that also references Ant People, this reference if found in the Americas. This is why Lo’au says they come from Vaihi a faraway land.

The Palangi says that we (Tongas/Polynesians) come from Southeast Asia, more recently Taiwan. The Palangi also says Vaihi or the faraway land is Hawaii. In both cases they are wrong.

The Lo’au left Vaihi and settled in Tonga, they named the location where the Maui Tribe lived on Tongatapu, two places in Ha’apai, and one place in Vava’u Vaihi. When Samoa was found they named the larger island Vaihi, and did the same in naming the larger island in Hawaii Vaihi. This pattern is found throughout Polynesia where the Lo’au named Vaihi in reference to the origin of the Lo’au.

A picture of one of the illustrations from one of my books named Polynesian Astronomy depicting Maui the Lo’au Fusi Fonua.

The Lo’au left Vaihi and came to Tonga with a new civilization that then spread throughout the Pacific. Whenever the Lo’au found a new island they informed the Tu’i Tonga who consequently named the new islands and sent 5 Lo’au to settle, develop the land, and build up the civilization. This is the pattern in which the Polynesian Civilization was exported throughout the Pacific and the means by which the Tongan Empire expanded.

Vaihi Tonga Lo’au.

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  1. John Tinitale Saluni Pala Tavake

    Hello & greetings,

    My name is John Tinitale Saluni Pala Tavake.

    I wanted to express my gratitude of how thankful I am to your works, research & foundings!

    I’m in the process of stepping into studying Archaeology (pacific area specifically)….

    And you information seems to enlighten me even more to dwell into such a profession to seek truth & justice, which has collaborated in a way with my research etc!

    So, thank you from the bottom of my heart & may you keep finding truths as such of our Pacific Island nations (especially The Kingdom of Tonga)!

    I also like to request if you could send such info to my following email as another form of reliable medium just in case one may not be easily accessible!

    Fa’afetai/Fa’kafetai David!

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  2. Visese

    All the Mayan kings of South America have the name Ahau given to them at birth. It refers to there lineage of hierarchy passed down through generations, also I like to add the story of El dorado the Spanish name for a lost city of gold. The actual name given by the original inhabitants is MANOA

  3. Malo for the valuable information Tevita Fale. I’m sick of all these foreigners disrespecting and twisting the history of our people. You see it through Tongan eyes that has not been tainted by western views and politics. Divide and Conquer destroyed the Tongan Empire. Now they want to tell us our history through their eyes/lies. King George I was a sell out, just look at his name. He did his best to destroy the Tongan identity as the lapdog for the British. They hail him as the first King of Tonga knowing full well that Tu’i Tonga is the term we used not King. Tu’i Tonga Ahoeitu and now we have King Ahoeitu it’s a complete mockery of our ancestors.

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